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My phone number is on the internet. Think about that for a second.

As a normal person without their phone number openly listed on the internet, you probably get a few spam/junk calls per day. It's probably annoying to you. As a business with my phone number listed on various search engines, Google posts, and every single page on this website... let's just say that the amount of spam calls and texts I receive has grown to the point where I don't even bother stopping what I'm doing to answer it anymore. Even the local 205 calls are spam 49 out of 50 times.

Here's what I'm doing now: I've left an extremely short (less than 5 seconds) voicemail greeting on my phone so as not to waste your time listening to a bunch of sales spiel, and I've cut off those stupid instructions most people leave on their voicemail, as if people don't know what to do after the beep (seriously?). So if you are a real person wanting actual quality home paint work done, either use the REQUEST FREE QUOTE form on this website or leave me a voicemail. I'm not going to answer the phone. I promise I check them regularly, I'm OCD so I can't stand having notifications unchecked on my phone. Do not even text me unless we are already doing business together, you would not believe how many spam texts I get asking if I do exterior paint jobs and if I accept credit cards in very poor, broken English that is obviously from some spammer. Duh, I'm a painting company with pictures of exteriors all over this page and every promotional post I've ever done, if someone has to ask me if I do exteriors they are obviously a spammer. (For the record: Yes we do exteriors, and yes we take credit cards, we simply add the 3% merchant fee onto your bill. Most people pay with checks.)

So, to recap: please leave a voicemail, or use the REQUEST FREE QUOTE form on this website which emails me directly. You will not get in touch with me another way. Sorry for the ranting and thank you for your time.

Black Foyer with Picture Molding

Here's an example of a room just prior to completion. We always remove switchplate covers; this not only leaves you with perfectly clean switch and outlet covers but also ensures that ALL of the drywall has been painted. We always protect your floor; no paint drips or specks here! And finally, and most important of all... Beautiful, crisp, straight lines along your trim. Go ahead, expand that picture. It's almost like someone used a ruler... Neutral colors are all good, but we love it when there's a contrast between wall & trim, it lets us show off our cut-in skills. PaintDoctorMD: Taking pride in our work, so you can take pride in your home. House painters birmingham.
black foyer with white picture molding painters birmingham paintdoctormd

Black Foyer with White Picture Molding

What happens when your home’s exterior goes unattended for too long?

When you let your windows go unpainted for too long, the glaze starts coming out and the time and cost required to reglaze and restore them increase significantly. Zoom in on the before (right) of this photo and check out the massive deterioration. But even if you've let it go this long, we can still make them beautiful again. Painters Birmingham AL house painting.
Window Glazing Before & After House Painters Birmingham

Window Glazing Before & After

Aged White Kitchen Cabinets

Fresh Aged White (Paint Code: SW9180) cabinets in Chelsea, AL. We hand painted the main boxes and sprayed the doors for a factory smooth finish. A cabinet painting job like this generally takes about 6 days. We used Sherwin Williams ProClassic Alkyd Enamel, a paint designed specifically for trim such as doors, windows, and cabinets; this particular type of paint is designed to be able to contact itself without sticking, for example a drawer closing against the painted surface of the box it's in, or a door closed against the frame. Hardy, durable, beautiful paint. Painters Birmingham, painting Birmingham.

Aged White Kitchen Cabinets Before & After

Happy Holidays from PaintDoctorMD!

We wanted to wish you all a happy holiday season with this picture of a front door we recently painted in Devoe's Industrial Enamel high gloss black. Normally that type of paint would be used on iron rails or other more heavy-duty applications, but this particular door gets a lot of wear and tear as this customer has dogs, kids, and usually has some sort of decorative wreath up, which can all be hard on a door. It is also exposed to sun 80% of the day. We are looking forward to a prosperous 2017, and we hope the same for you! Thank you for visiting and Happy Holidays!
PaintDoctorMD front door painted in Industrial Enamel high gloss Black

Happy Holidays from PaintDoctorMD!

Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Here are some freshly sprayed cabinet doors laid out in the customers' garage! PaintDoctorMD does paint kitchen and bath cabinets. We like to use Sherwin Williams' ProClassic Alkyd Enamel. It is generally about a 5 day process and requires an undisturbed space at your home where we can lay the doors out for drying and curing.
Freshly sprayed kitchen cabinet doors.

Freshly sprayed kitchen cabinet doors.


A few days ago we were asked to do something about the efflorescence in this basement. Water penetration in basements and the resulting efflorescence, along with potential mold, mildew, mustiness, and humidity, is an extremely common problem. There are many causes and each situation is unique, but I thought I would post this here to let you guys know that we do indeed perform this service. Below is our before & after picture of the basement we completed a few days ago:
Basement Efflorescence - Before & After

Basement Efflorescence - Before & After

We used muriatic acid and a whole lot of elbow grease to scrub that stuff off and rinse it out of the basement. We allowed it to dry and came back in the next day with Sherwin Williams' Water Blocking Primer/Finish (here's the Product Data Sheet), a product that is basically identical to Drylok Extreme but without the fancy price tag. At the time of the estimate there were definitely damp areas in this basement and we needed a fairly cost effective and quick solution, not to come in with dehumidifiers and heaters and blast the place dry for a couple weeks, etc... so finally I located this product. It inhibits the growth of mold and mildew, it seals bare interior masonry walls from hydrostatic moisture penetration, contains odor eliminating technology to keep out those typical damp musty basement smells.... but best of all it can be applied over a damp (not wet!) surface! I think the after picture pretty much says everything else. Do you have similar efflorescence in your basement/garage? Give us a call and we'll take care of it for you hassle-free.

Commercial Painting

It is officially hot, folks. It has been a ridiculously busy, hectic year for us at PaintDoctorMD. We've had a nonstop stream of jobs and barely had a moment to ourselves, not that we're complaining... keep it coming! We are grateful to have had the opportunity to have met and worked with so many new people. We mostly do residential painting, but a few weeks ago we had the privilege of being called in for some commercial painting to put the finishing touches on a new storefront that is now open for business. This was me a couple weeks back, cutting in the top of their beautiful new 35 foot showroom (click for full size). If you or anyone you know loves knitting, you'll want to stop by and see them. The business is called In the Making, check them out! You can also find them on Facebook here.
interior painters birmingham better business bureau

PaintDoctorMD - Hard at work painting the ceiling of In The Making's 35 foot showroom.



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