Sprayed Column in Hoover, AL

Does this column look familiar? If you’ll scroll back up to the top of the page, you’ll see that this is one of the same columns in my main background image. It’s from a house in Hoover, right here in Birmingham, and it belongs to one of my best customers. Their entire home is a work of art and I was privileged to be able to work on it. I enjoy projects that demand a heightened attention to detail. All of the pictures on this website were taken by me and are my work. Freshly sprayed Benjamin Moore trim paint in this image, with precision green delicate surface Frogtape connecting the plastic all the way up to the quarter round for 100% hardwood floor protection. Our hands are the right hands.

Shiny perfection. Gleaming class. Testament of skill.
Flawlessly applied fresh wet buttery maddeningly glossy paint – don’t you just want to feel how slick it is?

Best Painters in Birmingham

We are most definitely among the best painters in Birmingham. I could make another post with some picture of my work again today…. or I could let my customers do the talking for me. Below is a screenshot of our latest Google Maps reviews, where actual customers had their say about us. I’ve been told I should put a Testimonials section on this website, but anyone can write anything they want to on their own website. These are real actual reviews from Google Maps that you can find yourself right now by googling my business.

Front Door Stained in Crestline, AL

Most people don’t know you can still have exterior paint work done even in cold weather – all the way down to 35 F, actually, for most latex paints, or around 60 F for oil-based varnishes. I had to work around the weather somewhat, but Rome wasn’t built in a day. Master works take time – case in point, this freshly stained and varnished door in Crestline. On the left – well, life happens, sometimes things get neglected. On the right – meticulously detailed gorgeousness. A good sanding, a bit of ebony stain and 3 coats of Old Masters’ spar marine varnish and this front door is good for years to come. We only use the best. We recommend a fresh coat of varnish every 2-3 years to maintain UV protection. Painters in Birmingham. Loving care. Attention to detail. 13 years of experience. Small owner-operated company. Please contact me to have your front entrance look amazing!

The evening light reflects softly off this door.
Smooooooth gleam.
Ebony stain, so gorgeous.
The Paint Doctor strikes again!

Fixing other painters’ shoddy work in Hoover, AL

Paint: Color matched Sherwin Williams’ Superpaint, High Gloss

This shutter was a typical example of what I usually find left behind by other painters in Birmingham. It was up on the second story of the front of a Hoover home, and they figured no one would ever get up there to check their work – and they figured right, at least until I came along. Check out the streaks in the curve, they didn’t achieve full coverage over the old color; obviously a quick 1 coat job. They didn’t even bother trying to paint the right edge. Totally shameful, lazy, and sloppy. But hey, what a great chance to showcase the quality of work I perform in these situations. Tapcon screw and washer – primed and painted. Right edge – painted and fully covered. No streaks? Check. Sexy shiny gloss as requested by my customer? Check. Another happy customer? Check. Jealous neighbors? Ha! Give me a call when you decide your home deserves this same treatment. 😉 

Before and after exterior shutter painting
Shutter on left in bad need of TLC. Shutter on right almost purring in delight.

Red Tray accents on this interior paint job in Homewood, AL

Ceilings: Ceiling White, flat
Walls: Olympus White SW6253, Eggshell finish
Tray: Positive Red SW6871

Interior painting with tray ceiling in Homewood, AL… the homeowner wanted a splash of red in this room. Reds can be quite difficult to achieve coverage. You can count on my nearly 14 years of experience to know which paints cover the best, translating directly into savings for you. The line where your wall color meets the trim color, such as on crown molding or door frames or baseboards, is called the cut-in line, or just ‘cut’ for short. Take a good look at the cuts in your own home. Are they as straight as mine in this picture? It’s OK, it can be fixed. Just contact me. 🙂 Note: Walls were still in progress with 1 coat remaining in this picture; I just happened to look up and notice how awesome the red looked and couldn’t resist sharing this picture!

Red tray ceiling
Have you seen straighter lines?

Gray accent walls in Homewood residential home painting

The owner of this beautiful house in Homewood, AL decided to go with a light gray primary wall color as part of her interior paint job. Initially the plan was to do a dark gray accent wall in the windowed alcove on the left side of this picture, but after seeing how good the accent color looked she decided to use it even more. It ended up being on the far end wall, ceiling, and even behind the camera to the entry door wall. What we ended up with was a very striking color combination that ended up looking totally amazing. Major kudos to this homeowner for being brave, creative and original with her color selections, and for giving me the chance to show off my brush skills. Look at those cut lines!

Light Gray color: Gris SW7654  Dark Gray Accent: Gibraltar SW6257. We repaired all sheetrock defects and nail/screw holes, removed all switch and outlet covers and cleaned the old paint colors off of them that the previous “painter” (we use that term very loosely) had slopped all over them. We replaced those covers when the new paint had dried. If you’d like the job done properly by non-smokers who will respect your home, please call PaintDoctorMD. Painters Birmingham.

Light gray bedroom with dark gray accents
It’s ok to do a double take, I did too when I first realized how awesome it looked.


Deck restoration & deck staining at Hoover residence

This deck wood had been quite badly weathered. Check out the before pic closely; if you’ve been considering replacing your old, black, heavily weathered deck, please consider calling PaintDoctorMD and let us see if it can be restored. Our deck cleaning and staining services are most likely far cheaper than replacing the entire deck! This picture of a deck in Hoover, AL just shows the immediate, massive difference a good cleaning can make, but in a future post I will show you our before and after stain on this exact same wood. We also offer the full bevy of exterior painting services, including stained door refinishing. Feel free to browse through our showcase of before & after images to your right (below for mobile users). Painters Birmingham. Call for your free estimate at (205) 422-0710.

Deck collaged photos showing heavily weathered wood before and after cleaning by PaintDoctorMD
That’s not brand new wood? *gasp* These guys are amazing!