Cabinet Painter in Birmingham, AL

Freshly lacquered cabinet door in Homewood, AL. Semi-gloss Kem Aqua Plus.

Do your cabinet doors look this good? Perhaps it’s time for an update by a professional cabinet painter. Kem Aqua Plus is a water-based lacquer by Sherwin Williams. It’s an industrial wood coating. Water-based lacquer is extremely smooth, durable, and scratch-resistant and usually applied by spraying.

The pictured cabinet door is over 20 years old, but a proper paint job by a professional cabinet painter can yield factory (or better) results. It feels like glass; unfortunately a picture simply cannot do this justice.

Even if your cabinets have been previously painted, I can still restore them to this level of perfection. I welcome all cabinet work and look forward to hearing from you. Call or text me at (205) 422-0710 so I can come give you a free quote.