Painted Playroom Stripes in Homewood, AL

A new year is dawning. A new chance to fulfill potential. I will firmly approach this new year with determination, motivation, perseverance, and more desire for unmitigated perfection than ever before. To that end, here’s a child’s playroom in Homewood that I just completed on December 28th, 2018. Yes, we can do stripes! And we can do them to your heart’s content. Let’s make your home all it can be. Have you unlocked its full potential? Is it time for some bold new colors for a bold new year? Here’s to a happy and very successful 2019 for us all!

Top: Before. Dreary, flat builder paint. Chances are this is pretty much what's on your walls. 
Bottom: (jealous neighbor)Oh my, who's your painter?? I simply must have him over at my house!
Please click to see this in its full glory!

Gray accent walls in Homewood residential home painting

The owner of this beautiful house in Homewood, AL decided to go with a light gray primary wall color as part of her interior paint job. Initially the plan was to do a dark gray accent wall in the windowed alcove on the left side of this picture, but after seeing how good the accent color looked she decided to use it even more. It ended up being on the far end wall, ceiling, and even behind the camera to the entry door wall. What we ended up with was a very striking color combination that ended up looking totally amazing. Major kudos to this homeowner for being brave, creative and original with her color selections, and for giving me the chance to show off my brush skills. Look at those cut lines!

Light Gray color: Gris SW7654  Dark Gray Accent: Gibraltar SW6257. We repaired all sheetrock defects and nail/screw holes, removed all switch and outlet covers and cleaned the old paint colors off of them that the previous “painter” (we use that term very loosely) had slopped all over them. We replaced those covers when the new paint had dried. If you’d like the job done properly by non-smokers who will respect your home, please call PaintDoctorMD. Painters Birmingham.

Light gray bedroom with dark gray accents
It’s ok to do a double take, I did too when I first realized how awesome it looked.