We are meticulous. We care. Really.

To call attention to something like this may seem like overkill. No one cares about what the paint looks like directly under the countertop where no one ever looks. At least, that’s what the last painter thought. Either that, or they were physically unable to make the cut (pun intended, since using a paint brush to paint right up close to objects where the roller couldn’t reach without making a mess is called cutting in). To me, it is part of the wall and must be painted. It’s the little details that add up to a complete whole. There’s a reason why I keep busy during the winter and yet have other painters calling me nonstop looking for work. It’s because I do everything in my power to make my customers happy. And we only require payment upon completion, not up front. I don’t get my money until YOU are happy and I run my business that way on purpose. So… which painter are you going to use to take care of your house?

On the left, the ugly old gold-ish 80s paint scheme by painters who didn't care about their cut. On the right, 10 seconds later, the first coat cut-in by yours truly.