Add Real Value to Your House with Cabinet Refacing

The top image (before) is where the customer tried out several different colors to figure out what they wanted, and the bottom image is after completion. Fun fact, the doors in the completed image are entirely brand new! Labor costs involved in restoring the (very!) old doors would have been preventatively expensive, so in these cases we recommend ordering all new doors. Brand new cabinet doors are actually nowhere near as expensive as you might think. We can recommend several places to order from or you can source your own, we can also drill & install new soft-close hinges and door hardware.

If your cabinets are not in good shape for whatever reason, I advise getting some estimates on having them completely replaced. Then call us for an estimate on just replacing the facings, such as above. You may find we can save you a significant amount of money while the end result will be basically the same. The cabinets in the house above are in a historic home that’s over 110 years old, and they look brand new. Please give us a call and let’s talk about it!

Prep for a Kitchen Cabinet Paint Job

We need roughly 5 days where your kitchen is basically off limits/inaccessible, but apart from that the inconvenience to you is minor. For the most part you don’t even need to empty your cabinets, we remove the doors & hinges and tape over the openings, this is a typical ‘facings only’ paint job. Things like backsplash, indirect lighting, range hoods, refrigerators, built-in ovens, and countertops all get 100% masked off with plastic such as pictured below. The process of masking, wrapping, and protecting the entire kitchen generally takes about 2 days, and then 2 days to paint. We take the utmost care with everything.

New Cabinet Hardware?

Cabinet painting. Always a big project. Should you decide to go with new cabinet hardware when having your cabinets refinished, rest assured we have the proper tools for centering and mounting perfectly and uniformly every time. Paint pictured is Blue Cloud in Renner Italia 765 Satin. This is a 2-part epoxy urethane industrial wood coating we sprayed earlier this year. Chemical-resistant for easy cleaning, yet velvety to the fingertips. Please contact me for more information and booking.

Cabinet Painter in Birmingham, AL

Freshly lacquered cabinet door in Homewood, AL. Semi-gloss Kem Aqua Plus.

Do your cabinet doors look this good? Perhaps it’s time for an update by a professional cabinet painter. Kem Aqua Plus is a water-based lacquer by Sherwin Williams. It’s an industrial wood coating. Water-based lacquer is extremely smooth, durable, and scratch-resistant and usually applied by spraying.

The pictured cabinet door is over 20 years old, but a proper paint job by a professional cabinet painter can yield factory (or better) results. It feels like glass; unfortunately a picture simply cannot do this justice.

Even if your cabinets have been previously painted, I can still restore them to this level of perfection. I welcome all cabinet work and look forward to hearing from you. Call or text me at (205) 422-0710 so I can come give you a free quote.

Choose me for your painting needs.

I enjoy detailed painting projects. I take great pride in my attention to detail. I welcome customers who demand perfection, because I demand perfection from myself constantly. I continually research new products and new techniques. When you call me for a bid, I personally show up. I personally perform the work. I personally posted this on the website that I personally write. I offer the longest warranty I’ve ever heard of anyone offering – 5 years. If you have something precious, something that needs a caring touch from someone who will treat it as if it’s their own, please call me. Thank you!

What cabinets can look like

Freshly lacquered cabinets, Low Gloss finish.

Here we are looking at some freshly lacquered cabinets in a Low Gloss finish, which in terms of lacquer is basically Satin. Sherwin Williams lacquer is obtainable in Low Gloss (Satin), Mid Gloss (Semi-Gloss), and Gloss (High Gloss). Lacquer is much smoother than paint, it has a slick feel on the fingers. It is also far more chemical resistant than paint and will hold up much longer to household cleaning products. I adjusted all hinges so that all doors were level and closed evenly, added new 3M rubber button soft close door stops that will not deteriorate and become mush like old cheap ones do, customer was extremely pleased. Cabinets are now our specialty. Please call to get a bid on yours!

Window Painting in Greystone, AL. Overkill?

Overkill. That is the underlying principle behind how I am able to offer a 5 year warranty on my work. Case in point – the Sherwin Williams Pro Industrial Waterbased Alkyd Urethane paint I applied to these metal windows in Greystone, Hoover, AL. Roughly 20 years old and still with a factory smooth finish on these windows, I elected to go to the extra trouble of masking off and spraying these windows with a product I hope lasts just as long as the factory coating. Did it take a lot of time? Yes. But far more important to me than getting things done quickly is knowing I have provided a superior product.

Some people in painting social media groups I’m in have wondered why I didn’t just spend 20 minutes brushing them and be done with it… if they already had brush marks on them I would have. But that original factory coating, although oxidizing and sorely in need of a repaint, was still perfectly smooth and in incredible shape, and I wanted to preserve that.

Speaking of overkill, if you’ll click on the paint link above, you’ll see what this product is actually meant for: structural steel, healthcare facilities, equipment, and machinery. It’s meant to take a beating in an industrial environment and last a long, long time. Is your house perhaps a bit neglected? Would you like to truly have peace of mind about it? Book me. Much more to come on this house soon.

Prepping a Greystone house for exterior painting in Birmingham, AL

It occurred to me today that everyone always shows off their before and after photos, but no one really shows the ugly prep phase. It ain’t pretty, but it’s essential. Clicking on the photo below and zooming in will show you the state that the wood trim around the upper windows was left in after pressure washing. Raw, exterior wood requires oil-based primer before painting. The lower half has had this treatment and is now ready for paint. The transformation phase is not attractive – but it’s absolutely vital.

Concrete Pressure Washing in Homewood, AL

We pressure wash houses before we paint them, but most people ignore their concrete. It’s one of the quickest ways to make your house stand out in your neighborhood. There wasn’t quite as much room as I thought to fully spell out my company name, but at least this is less boring than a plain before and after. We offer driveway pressure washing services, concrete pressure washing, and of course exterior pressure washing. In the case of a paint job, it’s necessary not only to clean off things like mildew, algae, dirt, and spiderwebs, but also to blow off any paint that may no longer be adhered well to the surface, thus exposing weak areas that need to be scraped and primed so that I can ensure longevity of your new paint. This concrete has officially been Doctored(™), lol.

Curb appeal & resale

This was a simple, quick refresh of the front only of a house going on the market; a great, cost-effective way to make your house pop for that new buyer. It’s not too obvious from the before photo (bottom) but all of the paint was oxidized and heavily UV damaged. Look closely at the garage doors before and after to see some of what I mean. All of the original gloss was gone and you could slide a finger across it and leave a mark. A good way to tell when your paint’s life is up is when the gloss is gone. If you pay attention to these things and paint in time, your house will never peel, need scraping, and will retain its utmost value and appeal. Selling your home and want it to go fast? Schedule an estimate with me, and I may be able to advise on what does and doesn’t need painting, inside and out.

We are meticulous. We care. Really.

To call attention to something like this may seem like overkill. No one cares about what the paint looks like directly under the countertop where no one ever looks. At least, that’s what the last painter thought. Either that, or they were physically unable to make the cut (pun intended, since using a paint brush to paint right up close to objects where the roller couldn’t reach without making a mess is called cutting in). To me, it is part of the wall and must be painted. It’s the little details that add up to a complete whole. There’s a reason why I keep busy during the winter and yet have other painters calling me nonstop looking for work. It’s because I do everything in my power to make my customers happy. And we only require payment upon completion, not up front. I don’t get my money until YOU are happy and I run my business that way on purpose. So… which painter are you going to use to take care of your house?

On the left, the ugly old gold-ish 80s paint scheme by painters who didn't care about their cut. On the right, 10 seconds later, the first coat cut-in by yours truly.

Pressure Washing Brick Hoover House

This was preparing some brick for paint a few days ago on a townhouse in Hoover, AL. I think most people don’t realize how filthy and blackened and weathered their house is – brick, siding, and even driveway concrete. Pressure washing, or power washing as some may refer to it, is an absolutely necessary first step to a long lasting paint job. Generally takes between 4-8 hours per house. A paint-prep pressure wash is very different from a pressure wash you would get from a pressure wash-only service – we are not just cleaning the house, we are prepping for paint, so we get a lot closer to the surface to try and remove anything loose – loose paint, loose dirt – so that the paint adheres directly to what matters. Painting is easy – it’s the preparation that’s most important. And yes, we can paint if it’s over 35 degrees – no need to wait till summer! We’d much rather do your exterior work in winter/spring. Please call us to have your property taken care of properly. (205) 422-0710. Call anytime.

Pressure washing Hoover AL painters Birmingham
Is your brick this dirty?

Painted Playroom Stripes in Homewood, AL

A new year is dawning. A new chance to fulfill potential. I will firmly approach this new year with determination, motivation, perseverance, and more desire for unmitigated perfection than ever before. To that end, here’s a child’s playroom in Homewood that I just completed on December 28th, 2018. Yes, we can do stripes! And we can do them to your heart’s content. Let’s make your home all it can be. Have you unlocked its full potential? Is it time for some bold new colors for a bold new year? Here’s to a happy and very successful 2019 for us all!

Top: Before. Dreary, flat builder paint. Chances are this is pretty much what's on your walls. 
Bottom: (jealous neighbor)Oh my, who's your painter?? I simply must have him over at my house!
Please click to see this in its full glory!

Sprayed Column in Hoover, AL

Does this column look familiar? If you’ll scroll back up to the top of the page, you’ll see that this is one of the same columns in my main background image. It’s from a house in Hoover, right here in Birmingham, and it belongs to one of my best customers. Their entire home is a work of art and I was privileged to be able to work on it. I enjoy projects that demand a heightened attention to detail. All of the pictures on this website were taken by me and are my work. Freshly sprayed Benjamin Moore trim paint in this image, with precision green delicate surface Frogtape connecting the plastic all the way up to the quarter round for 100% hardwood floor protection. Our hands are the right hands.

Shiny perfection. Gleaming class. Testament of skill.
Flawlessly applied fresh wet buttery maddeningly glossy paint – don’t you just want to feel how slick it is?

Best Painters in Birmingham

We are most definitely among the best painters in Birmingham. I could make another post with some picture of my work again today…. or I could let my customers do the talking for me. Below is a screenshot of our latest Google Maps reviews, where actual customers had their say about us. I’ve been told I should put a Testimonials section on this website, but anyone can write anything they want to on their own website. These are real actual reviews from Google Maps that you can find yourself right now by googling my business.

Front Door Stained in Crestline, AL

Most people don’t know you can still have exterior paint work done even in cold weather – all the way down to 35 F, actually, for most latex paints, or around 60 F for oil-based varnishes. I had to work around the weather somewhat, but Rome wasn’t built in a day. Master works take time – case in point, this freshly stained and varnished door in Crestline. On the left – well, life happens, sometimes things get neglected. On the right – meticulously detailed gorgeousness. A good sanding, a bit of ebony stain and 3 coats of Old Masters’ spar marine varnish and this front door is good for years to come. We only use the best. We recommend a fresh coat of varnish every 2-3 years to maintain UV protection. Painters in Birmingham. Loving care. Attention to detail. 13 years of experience. Small owner-operated company. Please contact me to have your front entrance look amazing!

The evening light reflects softly off this door.
Smooooooth gleam.

Ebony stain, so gorgeous.
The Paint Doctor strikes again!

Fixing other painters’ shoddy work in Hoover, AL

Paint: Color matched Sherwin Williams’ Superpaint, High Gloss

This shutter was a typical example of what I usually find left behind by other painters in Birmingham. It was up on the second story of the front of a Hoover home, and they figured no one would ever get up there to check their work – and they figured right, at least until I came along. Check out the streaks in the curve, they didn’t achieve full coverage over the old color; obviously a quick 1 coat job. They didn’t even bother trying to paint the right edge. Totally shameful, lazy, and sloppy. But hey, what a great chance to showcase the quality of work I perform in these situations. Tapcon screw and washer – primed and painted. Right edge – painted and fully covered. No streaks? Check. Sexy shiny gloss as requested by my customer? Check. Another happy customer? Check. Jealous neighbors? Ha! Give me a call when you decide your home deserves this same treatment. 😉 

Before and after exterior shutter painting
Shutter on left in bad need of TLC. Shutter on right almost purring in delight.

Red Tray accents on this interior paint job in Homewood, AL

Ceilings: Ceiling White, flat
Walls: Olympus White SW6253, Eggshell finish
Tray: Positive Red SW6871

Interior painting with tray ceiling in Homewood, AL… the homeowner wanted a splash of red in this room. Reds can be quite difficult to achieve coverage. You can count on my nearly 14 years of experience to know which paints cover the best, translating directly into savings for you. The line where your wall color meets the trim color, such as on crown molding or door frames or baseboards, is called the cut-in line, or just ‘cut’ for short. Take a good look at the cuts in your own home. Are they as straight as mine in this picture? It’s OK, it can be fixed. Just contact me. 🙂 Note: Walls were still in progress with 1 coat remaining in this picture; I just happened to look up and notice how awesome the red looked and couldn’t resist sharing this picture!

Red tray ceiling
Have you seen straighter lines?

Gray accent walls in Homewood residential home painting

The owner of this beautiful house in Homewood, AL decided to go with a light gray primary wall color as part of her interior paint job. Initially the plan was to do a dark gray accent wall in the windowed alcove on the left side of this picture, but after seeing how good the accent color looked she decided to use it even more. It ended up being on the far end wall, ceiling, and even behind the camera to the entry door wall. What we ended up with was a very striking color combination that ended up looking totally amazing. Major kudos to this homeowner for being brave, creative and original with her color selections, and for giving me the chance to show off my brush skills. Look at those cut lines!

Light Gray color: Gris SW7654  Dark Gray Accent: Gibraltar SW6257. We repaired all sheetrock defects and nail/screw holes, removed all switch and outlet covers and cleaned the old paint colors off of them that the previous “painter” (we use that term very loosely) had slopped all over them. We replaced those covers when the new paint had dried. If you’d like the job done properly by non-smokers who will respect your home, please call PaintDoctorMD. Painters Birmingham.

Light gray bedroom with dark gray accents
It’s ok to do a double take, I did too when I first realized how awesome it looked.


Deck restoration & deck staining at Hoover residence

This deck wood had been quite badly weathered. Check out the before pic closely; if you’ve been considering replacing your old, black, heavily weathered deck, please consider calling PaintDoctorMD and let us see if it can be restored. Our deck cleaning and staining services are most likely far cheaper than replacing the entire deck! This picture of a deck in Hoover, AL just shows the immediate, massive difference a good cleaning can make, but in a future post I will show you our before and after stain on this exact same wood. We also offer the full bevy of exterior painting services, including stained door refinishing. Feel free to browse through our showcase of before & after images to your right (below for mobile users). Painters Birmingham. Call for your free estimate at (205) 422-0710.

Deck collaged photos showing heavily weathered wood before and after cleaning by PaintDoctorMD
That’s not brand new wood? *gasp* These guys are amazing!

Professional Interior & Exterior Painting

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Fresh paint after wallpaper removal in Birmingham residence

How to remove wallpaper in 2018, the easy way:

Step 1. Call PaintDoctorMD, your local Birmingham painter and glutton for punishment (who else would willingly and happily, volunteer to strip wallpaper?)

Step 2. Enjoy your beautiful new room. 🙂

205-422-0710. Or request a quote here. It’s that easy.

Stripping wallpaper before and after
We are very, very good at stripping wallpaper!