Add Real Value to Your House with Cabinet Refacing

The top image (before) is where the customer tried out several different colors to figure out what they wanted, and the bottom image is after completion. Fun fact, the doors in the completed image are entirely brand new! Labor costs involved in restoring the (very!) old doors would have been preventatively expensive, so in these cases we recommend ordering all new doors. Brand new cabinet doors are actually nowhere near as expensive as you might think. We can recommend several places to order from or you can source your own, we can also drill & install new soft-close hinges and door hardware.

If your cabinets are not in good shape for whatever reason, I advise getting some estimates on having them completely replaced. Then call us for an estimate on just replacing the facings, such as above. You may find we can save you a significant amount of money while the end result will be basically the same. The cabinets in the house above are in a historic home that’s over 110 years old, and they look brand new. Please give us a call and let’s talk about it!