What cabinets can look like

Freshly lacquered cabinets, Low Gloss finish.

Here we are looking at some freshly lacquered cabinets in a Low Gloss finish, which in terms of lacquer is basically Satin. Sherwin Williams lacquer is obtainable in Low Gloss (Satin), Mid Gloss (Semi-Gloss), and Gloss (High Gloss). Lacquer is much smoother than paint, it has a slick feel on the fingers. It is also far more chemical resistant than paint and will hold up much longer to household cleaning products. I adjusted all hinges so that all doors were level and closed evenly, added new 3M rubber button soft close door stops that will not deteriorate and become mush like old cheap ones do, customer was extremely pleased. Cabinets are now our specialty. Please call to get a bid on yours!