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Behind Chimney Before & After

Happy Easter folks! Here's the BACK of a chimney on a client's home here in good old Hoover, AL. It's likely the homeowners have never even seen this part of their chimney, and it's just as likely you have never seen the back of yours either. Why am I posting this particular view? Well, we at PaintDoctorMD believe in doing work RIGHT. If you'll look closely at the bottom part in the BEFORE portion (the left side) where we were getting ready to work on  the area, you'll notice that the previous painters didn't even bother to paint the bottom couple of inches of this wood siding. The whole bottom foot at the lowest corner there looks completely untouched by the most recent paint color; the original builder's paint job is still there, about to fall off that corner board. We are CONSTANTLY amazed at the stream of garbage work that people pay for. The things other painters get away with... it boggles the mind. This was attended to just in time, that wood would have been rotten and soft in another year. The loose paint has now been removed, the raw wood was primed, and we sprayed on 2 heavy coats of SuperPaint by Sherwin Williams, and it will not be rotting anytime soon. You can almost hear the chimney's sigh of relief! Chimneys are one of the most common areas where you'll find rotten wood on homes. Why? Most painters think nobody's ever going to look up there. And they're absolutely right. But we at PaintDoctorMD would not be able to sleep at night if we "performed" work like that, we're just not wired that way. The best way to provide a 5 year warranty like we do is to do the job so well that it lasts far longer than the warranty period. We have just started this daily/blog page, so bookmark this page if you'd like to see more things other painters have gotten away with, and better yet how they look when done properly. If you think others should have a chance at having their home properly sealed and protected as well, please share this on your favorite social media platform, and tag your friends. Thank you, and we hope you had a lovely Easter weekend.