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Painting Windows

I'd like to cover the basics of what we do to paint the exterior of a window. First we caulk any cracks or holes, scrape away any loose or peeling paint, and prime any raw wood. Without fail, the last painters will have painted it shut and left it that way, so we begin the painting process by unsticking the window so that it actually functions. We then reverse the top and bottom sashes so that we can paint the portions of the window which are unseen when the window is closed: the top of the lower sash, and the upper section of the window sill which the lower sash rests upon in its closed state. Pictured below (touch/click to see full size) is a first coat on just those areas on a window I painted today. Many painters skip this step as most people rarely open their windows, but we consider such things just as or more important than what's readily apparent. It's the little details that count. First step of painting the exterior of a window, by PaintDoctorMD. Following that, we then close the window by about 95%, attempting to preserve the homeowner's inside temperature while leaving the freshly painted surfaces free to dry. We then paint the remainder of the window as usual, taking a special effort to dry-brush the edges of each sash while cutting a straight line along the edge of each sash where they meet the track; doing so minimizes the amount of paint allowed to contact the edge of track, which is what causes windows to be painted shut. At the end of the day, after it has fully dried and had several hours to cure, the homeowner is asked to close and lock their windows from the inside. This shutting of the window after drying ensures a final movement of the windows, resulting in a neatly painted window that is not painted shut, pictured below (touch/click to see full size). Before paying a painting contractor, always verify for yourself that your windows have been fully painted (even the hidden parts) and are still functional. 1 Coat Exterior Window Painted by PaintDoctorMD  

First Daily!

exterior painters painting PaintDoctorMD jason moore 205-422-0710 greystone gutter eave soffit daily

Eaves/Gutters, Before & After, 4/09

First post on the new Daily updates page! Today we were in the Greystone area out on 280, doing some exterior painting. Here's a before/after shot of the eaves & gutters on the driveway side. Before was around noon, after was around 5:30 PM right before we packed it up for the day. Even though we are repainting this house the exact same colors, it still gets the full 2 coat treatment so that we can back it up with the full PaintDoctorMD 5 year warranty. At the end of that 5 years, it will still be looking brand-new. Sherwin Williams SuperPaint baby!

That reminds me, be on  the lookout soon for a new page up top. Someone suggested that I go and take some pictures of previous jobs and how they're holding up to this day. Brilliant! It'll be called something like 'Time Vs. The Doctor,' or whatever witty name I can think of, any ideas? It'll feature some of our work from the very beginning. 2006! 8 years should tell a good story. I've already been looked at strangely at a couple of properties, taking pictures where the house has changed owners... I'm going to try and dig up original pictures for a real side-by-side comparison. Stay tuned!



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