Please leave a voicemail or use the contact form here

My phone number is on the internet. Think about that for a second.

As a normal person without their phone number openly listed on the internet, you probably get a few spam/junk calls per day. It's probably annoying to you. As a business with my phone number listed on various search engines, Google posts, and every single page on this website... let's just say that the amount of spam calls and texts I receive has grown to the point where I don't even bother stopping what I'm doing to answer it anymore. Even the local 205 calls are spam 49 out of 50 times.

Here's what I'm doing now: I've left an extremely short (less than 5 seconds) voicemail greeting on my phone so as not to waste your time listening to a bunch of sales spiel, and I've cut off those stupid instructions most people leave on their voicemail, as if people don't know what to do after the beep (seriously?). So if you are a real person wanting actual quality home paint work done, either use the REQUEST FREE QUOTE form on this website or leave me a voicemail. I'm not going to answer the phone. I promise I check them regularly, I'm OCD so I can't stand having notifications unchecked on my phone. Do not even text me unless we are already doing business together, you would not believe how many spam texts I get asking if I do exterior paint jobs and if I accept credit cards in very poor, broken English that is obviously from some spammer. Duh, I'm a painting company with pictures of exteriors all over this page and every promotional post I've ever done, if someone has to ask me if I do exteriors they are obviously a spammer. (For the record: Yes we do exteriors, and yes we take credit cards, we simply add the 3% merchant fee onto your bill. Most people pay with checks.)

So, to recap: please leave a voicemail, or use the REQUEST FREE QUOTE form on this website which emails me directly. You will not get in touch with me another way. Sorry for the ranting and thank you for your time.