Our Services

Our services include (but are not limited to!):
Our services include interior painting of all types, and more! Metallic paint, trays, ceiling tray, painters Birmingham, exterior painting, PaintDoctorMD, jason moore, +12054220710

Actual triple tray ceiling over bar at Smith Lake home painted by PaintDoctorMD in Black Flat, Silver Metallic, and Dark Grey Metallic.

Interior Painting

Our classic best-in-the-business interior paint. No matter the house, you can count on us to properly protect your floors & furniture and use only top name-brand  paints to give you the most beautiful paint job possible. Our attention to detail is simply second to none. For all interior rooms, our procedure is to come in and move furniture as needed,  and exhaustively repair all sheetrock defects/cracks, nail pops, and settling damage. We always remove all light switch and outlet covers to paint under, no unsightly painted plastic here; all covers get replaced at the end after paint has dried. We cover floors and furniture as needed with dropcloths and paint 2 good, thick coats of paint, Sherwin Williams unless otherwise specified. We are extremely meticulous about our straight cut-in lines and commonly take extra time making sure it's all perfect. When everything is done we'll do a complete walk-through with you to make sure you're 100% happy. No one does it like PaintDoctorMD!

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A Hoover, AL Dryvit/EIFS exterior we painted in 2013. 2 coats of deliciousness backed by our 5 year warranty.

Exterior Painting

The second of our time-tested, staple services - the exterior paint. Here at PaintDoctorMD, we understand that the most crucial and underrated part of any paint job is the prep, and we always take extra time to make sure your house is prepped to the fullest. We start with a hard pressure wash to deep-clean all surfaces on your home to remove any loose paint and simultaneously ensure ideal new paint adhesion. Any loose or peeling paint is scraped off. Rotten wood? Leaking or dented gutters? We can fix those things too, and more. All exposed raw materials get Zinsser Cover Stain oil primer, one of the best primers available; exposed metal gets worked over until any rust is removed and then primed with red or gray oxide primer. All cracks and holes get caulked and fully sealed. Finally, we put 2 full coats of Sherwin Williams (unless otherwise specified) paint on your house, and we are very proud of our attention to detail. We will never drip paint onto your concrete, driveways, sidewalks, or roof. We will never leave doors or windows painted shut, and we will always paint 100% of windows and doors, even the parts only visible when open. Our exteriors last years beyond our warranty, just ask and we can provide you with addresses of homes painted nearly 10 years ago that still look practically new!

Our services include cabinet refinishing among many others.

A great way to freshen up your kitchen.


Cabinet Refinishing

If brand new kitchen cabinets are not in your budget, fear not. Refacing is a great and less expensive alternative to replacing existing cabinetry.

Our services include refinishing front doors.

A front door we worked on in Chelsea, shown here sanded and partially stained.


Stripping & Refinishing Doors

Front doors are a common problem area on most homes. Our refinishing services include sanding your front door(s) completely down to raw wood, restaining with the color of your choice, and clearcoating with marine varnish, the right way. PaintDoctored™ front doors look good for years. Backed by our 5 year warranty!

Our services include commercial painting and many more.

One of our services is commercial painting, such as in the vacant office space shown here.

Commercial Painting

We also paint offices, malls, and retail stores. We have the expertise to get jobs done on time and on budget. We can work nights and weekends if necessary, to get the job done with little impact to you and/or your tenants and customers.  We already work with several maintenance companies who service several major Birmingham brands, please give us a call to see if we can meet your needs.

Our services include wallpaper removal and wallpaper stripping and many more.

Wallpaper being stripped. Oh what fun!

Wallpaper Removal

There are many things you must take into account for before attempting wallpaper removal in your home. Among the things to consider include the kind of adhesive used, if the surfaces were primed, and so on. Not being aware of all these aspects can make it very hard to evaluate how difficult or easy it is to strip the wallpaper off as well as the level of damage the job will do to the substrate. Let us handle it for you!

Our services include popcorn ceiling removal and many more.

An old popcorn ceiling in sad disrepair. PaintDoctorMD can help!

Acoustic/Popcorn Ceiling Application, Repair, Removal

Some older homes still have popcorn ceiling treatments. Beware if your home is older than 1977, that popcorn ceiling could contain asbestos. Our usual procedure for this process includes covering all walls and floors with plastic & dropcloths to ensure they stay clean and dry, removing the popcorn texture, repairing all the defects to perfection, and finally painting a coat of primer and up to two coats of paint. We can also apply acoustic/popcorn texture, repair damaged popcorn ceilings, or simply paint your existing popcorn ceilings.

Our services include sheetrock repair, drywall repair and many more.

A drywall repair in progress.

Drywall Repair

Kids poked several hundred pinholes in their walls for posters and you're looking to sell? Random contractor came in the house and accidentally stepped through your ceiling? Not a problem, we specialize in perfect sheetrock repairs. You won't be able to tell there was ever a defect. This service is something we include by default with every interior paint job.

Our services include pressure washing.

A house being pressure washed.

Pressure Washing

A good pressure wash can restore even the most grayed out old wood or concrete and by itself can make a huge visual impact on a home, deck, or driveway. This service is also included with every exterior painting job we take on, as it is necessary to ensure that fresh paint has a clean, unblemished surface to adhere to. It's part of why we back up all our work with a 5 year warranty.

Our services include window glazing among many others.

When windows have been left unattended for a long time, the glaze may be missing such as in this image.

Window Glazing

Properly sealed windows  provide better insulation for your home and keep moisture out. This protects you from mold and mildew damage, wood rot, and  drywall damage. Several customers we've done this for have noted lower electricity and gas bills. The life of your windows will be vastly extended, and they'll look better too!



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