Commercial Painting

It is officially hot, folks. It has been a ridiculously busy, hectic year for us at PaintDoctorMD. We've had a nonstop stream of jobs and barely had a moment to ourselves, not that we're complaining... keep it coming! We are grateful to have had the opportunity to have met and worked with so many new people. We mostly do residential painting, but a few weeks ago we had the privilege of being called in for some commercial painting to put the finishing touches on a new storefront that is now open for business. This was me a couple weeks back, cutting in the top of their beautiful new 35 foot showroom (click for full size). If you or anyone you know loves knitting, you'll want to stop by and see them. The business is called In the Making, check them out! You can also find them on Facebook here.
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PaintDoctorMD - Hard at work painting the ceiling of In The Making's 35 foot showroom.