Black Foyer with Picture Molding

Here's an example of a room just prior to completion. We always remove switchplate covers; this not only leaves you with perfectly clean switch and outlet covers but also ensures that ALL of the drywall has been painted. We always protect your floor; no paint drips or specks here! And finally, and most important of all... Beautiful, crisp, straight lines along your trim. Go ahead, expand that picture. It's almost like someone used a ruler... Neutral colors are all good, but we love it when there's a contrast between wall & trim, it lets us show off our cut-in skills. PaintDoctorMD: Taking pride in our work, so you can take pride in your home. House painters birmingham.
black foyer with white picture molding painters birmingham paintdoctormd

Black Foyer with White Picture Molding

What happens when your home’s exterior goes unattended for too long?

When you let your windows go unpainted for too long, the glaze starts coming out and the time and cost required to reglaze and restore them increase significantly. Zoom in on the before (right) of this photo and check out the massive deterioration. But even if you've let it go this long, we can still make them beautiful again. Painters Birmingham AL house painting.
Window Glazing Before & After House Painters Birmingham

Window Glazing Before & After

Aged White Kitchen Cabinets

Fresh Aged White (Paint Code: SW9180) cabinets in Chelsea, AL. We hand painted the main boxes and sprayed the doors for a factory smooth finish. A cabinet painting job like this generally takes about 6 days. We used Sherwin Williams ProClassic Alkyd Enamel, a paint designed specifically for trim such as doors, windows, and cabinets; this particular type of paint is designed to be able to contact itself without sticking, for example a drawer closing against the painted surface of the box it's in, or a door closed against the frame. Hardy, durable, beautiful paint. Painters Birmingham, painting Birmingham.

Aged White Kitchen Cabinets Before & After

Happy Holidays from PaintDoctorMD!

We wanted to wish you all a happy holiday season with this picture of a front door we recently painted in Devoe's Industrial Enamel high gloss black. Normally that type of paint would be used on iron rails or other more heavy-duty applications, but this particular door gets a lot of wear and tear as this customer has dogs, kids, and usually has some sort of decorative wreath up, which can all be hard on a door. It is also exposed to sun 80% of the day. We are looking forward to a prosperous 2017, and we hope the same for you! Thank you for visiting and Happy Holidays!
PaintDoctorMD front door painted in Industrial Enamel high gloss Black

Happy Holidays from PaintDoctorMD!

Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Here are some freshly sprayed cabinet doors laid out in the customers' garage! PaintDoctorMD does paint kitchen and bath cabinets. We like to use Sherwin Williams' ProClassic Alkyd Enamel. It is generally about a 5 day process and requires an undisturbed space at your home where we can lay the doors out for drying and curing.
Freshly sprayed kitchen cabinet doors.

Freshly sprayed kitchen cabinet doors.



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