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PaintDoctorMD’s daily updates. Where we are (general area of course, being mindful of our clients’ privacy), what we’re working on, anything we deem newsworthy out of our day-to-day work.

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A few days ago we were asked to do something about the efflorescence in this basement. Water penetration in basements and the resulting efflorescence, along with potential mold, mildew, mustiness, and humidity, is an extremely common problem. There are many causes and each situation is unique, but I thought I would post this here to let you guys know that we do indeed perform this service. Below is our before & after picture of the basement we completed a few days ago:
Basement Efflorescence - Before & After

Basement Efflorescence - Before & After

We used muriatic acid and a whole lot of elbow grease to scrub that stuff off and rinse it out of the basement. We allowed it to dry and came back in the next day with Sherwin Williams' Water Blocking Primer/Finish (here's the Product Data Sheet), a product that is basically identical to Drylok Extreme but without the fancy price tag. At the time of the estimate there were definitely damp areas in this basement and we needed a fairly cost effective and quick solution, not to come in with dehumidifiers and heaters and blast the place dry for a couple weeks, etc... so finally I located this product. It inhibits the growth of mold and mildew, it seals bare interior masonry walls from hydrostatic moisture penetration, contains odor eliminating technology to keep out those typical damp musty basement smells.... but best of all it can be applied over a damp (not wet!) surface! I think the after picture pretty much says everything else. Do you have similar efflorescence in your basement/garage? Give us a call and we'll take care of it for you hassle-free.

Commercial Painting

It is officially hot, folks. It has been a ridiculously busy, hectic year for us at PaintDoctorMD. We've had a nonstop stream of jobs and barely had a moment to ourselves, not that we're complaining... keep it coming! We are grateful to have had the opportunity to have met and worked with so many new people. We mostly do residential painting, but a few weeks ago we had the privilege of being called in for some commercial painting to put the finishing touches on a new storefront that is now open for business. This was me a couple weeks back, cutting in the top of their beautiful new 35 foot showroom (click for full size). If you or anyone you know loves knitting, you'll want to stop by and see them. The business is called In the Making, check them out! You can also find them on Facebook here.
interior painters birmingham better business bureau

PaintDoctorMD - Hard at work painting the ceiling of In The Making's 35 foot showroom.

Painting Windows

I'd like to cover the basics of what we do to paint the exterior of a window. First we caulk any cracks or holes, scrape away any loose or peeling paint, and prime any raw wood. Without fail, the last painters will have painted it shut and left it that way, so we begin the painting process by unsticking the window so that it actually functions. We then reverse the top and bottom sashes so that we can paint the portions of the window which are unseen when the window is closed: the top of the lower sash, and the upper section of the window sill which the lower sash rests upon in its closed state. Pictured below (touch/click to see full size) is a first coat on just those areas on a window I painted today. Many painters skip this step as most people rarely open their windows, but we consider such things just as or more important than what's readily apparent. It's the little details that count. First step of painting the exterior of a window, by PaintDoctorMD. Following that, we then close the window by about 95%, attempting to preserve the homeowner's inside temperature while leaving the freshly painted surfaces free to dry. We then paint the remainder of the window as usual, taking a special effort to dry-brush the edges of each sash while cutting a straight line along the edge of each sash where they meet the track; doing so minimizes the amount of paint allowed to contact the edge of track, which is what causes windows to be painted shut. At the end of the day, after it has fully dried and had several hours to cure, the homeowner is asked to close and lock their windows from the inside. This shutting of the window after drying ensures a final movement of the windows, resulting in a neatly painted window that is not painted shut, pictured below (touch/click to see full size). Before paying a painting contractor, always verify for yourself that your windows have been fully painted (even the hidden parts) and are still functional. 1 Coat Exterior Window Painted by PaintDoctorMD  

A Fresh Look for Countertops

There shall be an onslaught of new daily updates as we finish up the big Greystone interior paint job. The old countertop in the laundry room was in need of refreshing; a laundry room might not be a place you'd want to drop big bucks and get all fancy, so the decorator (Mallory Smith) recommended enamel paint to match the new cabinet color. We used a urethane alkyd enamel by Benjamin Moore (pictured); the 'after' image here is after only a single coat, we put a second coat on the next day to maximize longevity and durability, even though the first coat covered. I did a bit of research on this particular paint; people use it to paint boats.... so it should have no problem at all holding up as a seldom-used laundry countertop paint. Not a bad way to quickly and cheaply refresh dated countertops!
interior painters birmingham trim countertop high gloss paint doctor 205-422-0710

Laminated Countertop, Before/After Urethane Alkyd Gloss Enamel by Benjamin Moore

Using Painter’s Tape

I saw this at Home Depot a few days back, and had to take a picture. We have of course painted stripes before, but this Shape Tape definitely brings that to a whole new level. As a professional painter I have used all types of painter's tape, and I can personally vouch for Frogtape being the ONLY tape that actually does what it claims. 99% of all painter's tape will not leave a sharp, straight line when you remove it, but Frogtape will. It is definitely not cheap, but you do get what you pay for!
frogtape painter's tape house painters birmingham paint doctor paintdoctormd

Frogtape - Shape Tape


Huge Interior

Apologies for the lack of content so far this week, we are on a huge complete interior painting job in Greystone once again, we have been working very long days and I have just not had the time. It's also all being done simultaneously, so I have a ton of before images and no afters just yet. Good content forthcoming though, please stay tuned! 🙂

Behind Chimney – Exterior Painters Birmingham

behind chimney exterior house painters birmingham paintdoctormd superpaint

Behind Chimney Before & After

Happy Easter folks! Here's the BACK of a chimney on a client's home here in good old Hoover, AL. It's likely the homeowners have never even seen this part of their chimney, and it's just as likely you have never seen the back of yours either. Why am I posting this particular view? Well, we at PaintDoctorMD believe in doing work RIGHT. If you'll look closely at the bottom part in the BEFORE portion (the left side) where we were getting ready to work on  the area, you'll notice that the previous painters didn't even bother to paint the bottom couple of inches of this wood siding. The whole bottom foot at the lowest corner there looks completely untouched by the most recent paint color; the original builder's paint job is still there, about to fall off that corner board. We are CONSTANTLY amazed at the stream of garbage work that people pay for. The things other painters get away with... it boggles the mind. This was attended to just in time, that wood would have been rotten and soft in another year. The loose paint has now been removed, the raw wood was primed, and we sprayed on 2 heavy coats of SuperPaint by Sherwin Williams, and it will not be rotting anytime soon. You can almost hear the chimney's sigh of relief! Chimneys are one of the most common areas where you'll find rotten wood on homes. Why? Most painters think nobody's ever going to look up there. And they're absolutely right. But we at PaintDoctorMD would not be able to sleep at night if we "performed" work like that, we're just not wired that way. The best way to provide a 5 year warranty like we do is to do the job so well that it lasts far longer than the warranty period. We have just started this daily/blog page, so bookmark this page if you'd like to see more things other painters have gotten away with, and better yet how they look when done properly. If you think others should have a chance at having their home properly sealed and protected as well, please share this on your favorite social media platform, and tag your friends. Thank you, and we hope you had a lovely Easter weekend.

First Daily!

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Eaves/Gutters, Before & After, 4/09

First post on the new Daily updates page! Today we were in the Greystone area out on 280, doing some exterior painting. Here's a before/after shot of the eaves & gutters on the driveway side. Before was around noon, after was around 5:30 PM right before we packed it up for the day. Even though we are repainting this house the exact same colors, it still gets the full 2 coat treatment so that we can back it up with the full PaintDoctorMD 5 year warranty. At the end of that 5 years, it will still be looking brand-new. Sherwin Williams SuperPaint baby!

That reminds me, be on  the lookout soon for a new page up top. Someone suggested that I go and take some pictures of previous jobs and how they're holding up to this day. Brilliant! It'll be called something like 'Time Vs. The Doctor,' or whatever witty name I can think of, any ideas? It'll feature some of our work from the very beginning. 2006! 8 years should tell a good story. I've already been looked at strangely at a couple of properties, taking pictures where the house has changed owners... I'm going to try and dig up original pictures for a real side-by-side comparison. Stay tuned!



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