Be the best you can be

Ok, so I didn't get the exact same angle on my before and after photos for this job like I usually do, but in my defense the house was huge and the photos were several weeks apart. But it's definitely the same room! Gray is after. I hope you'll expand the gray photo and don't only notice the perfect paint... Look at the color transition on the bull-nose corner between the living room and hallway. Does it look ruler-straight? Look at the painstaking way the plastic covers the floors, furniture, stairs and handrails and try to imagine how much time that took. Yes, these big complex houses take time to paint, be ready for that before you call us. If you're having us paint things like plantation shutters or cabinets that pretty much require spraying indoors, we have to take the time to properly protect your floors and belongings. Maybe plan on going on vacation or out of town, or just budgeting in plenty of time before you move in if you've just purchased the place. Rome wasn't built in a day. BUT - when your friends and neighbors walk in, be prepared to expect a lot of oooing and ahhing. 😉